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Super Powered Love: Chapter 9
~David’s POV~
“When are the girls going to get here?!” Butch whined for the fifth time.
“Shut up!” Brick quietly screamed. I sighed. ‘they will never stop fighting’ I thought then a girl with longish black hair and sapphire eyes in a blood red mermaid style dress came up to me.
“Hello handsome, are you here alone~?” she asked me in a seductive tone.
“No. I’m waiting for someone.” I said.                 
“Well, I don’t see her here, so why don’t you stay here with me.” She suggested.
“What’s your name again?” I asked changing the topic.
“Oh! How foolish of me. I’m Stacy Grey.” She stated.
“I’m David Jojo.” I said.
“Hey dude, the girls are coming down the staircase.” Boomer whispered to me.
“Alright.” I whispered back. I passed the
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 8
~Buttercup's POV
I can't believe that I have to go to a stupid ball, and to make matters worse Butch is my date. Neko owes me big time for this.
-Flashback of last night-
"Well my true full name is Santana Neko Bezariuas," Neko started "and I'm the true head of the Bezariuas family and company."
"OMG! That means you're rich!" Bubbles squealed.
"Yes Bubbles. I am rich." Neko calmly stated.
"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" I asked.
"I didn't want to be treated like I was better than anyone else. I wanted to know what it was like to be loved for who I am and not for how much money I had." She replied with tears in her eyes.
"It's ok Neko. We are here for you no matter how much money you have because…" Blossom started then looked at me and Bubbles. We knew exactly what she was thinking.
"We love you Neko." We said together while hugging her. She whispered 'thank you.'
"Is there anything else you were hiding
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Party Fun (one-shot)
The girls and professor were setting up for the Fourth of July barbeque, and everything was going according to plan. Bubbles and Blossom were decorating while Neko and Buttercup were outside setting up the karaoke and games, and the professor was grilling. Bubbles and Blossom are wearing sundresses and sandals in their signature colors while Neko was wearing a Dead by April t-shirt and jean shorts with purple/black DCs, and Buttercup was wearing a green tank top and black shorts with green Nikes.
“I can’t wait for the boys to arrive.” Bubbles said finishing up with her decorating.
“I just wonder what’s taking them so long.” Neko said putting her bright red hair in a low ponytail. Then right on cue, the boys walk in holding Coca-Cola, Sprite, Root Bear, and Mountain Due. Brick was wearing his favorite red Areopostal t-shirt, faded jeans, and red Converse, and Boomer had on the same except his t-shirt was navy and his Converse wear navy/black. B
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 7
Blossom’s POV
I still can’t believe Neko never told us that she was rich –sigh- but I can’t do anything about it. At least we get to stay in a lovely mansion such as this one.
“Here are your rooms. Lunch will be served at 2. I’ll have my maid Melody come and get you when lunch is ready. If you need anything call me.” Micheal said while bowing, but before he left he whispered something in Neko’s ear which mean her a little upset. I couldn’t tell what it was that he said even with my super hearing. After we got settled in our rooms, we walked in to Neko’s room, so she could explain.
“Now Neko would you like to tell us why we are here?” I demanded. She just sighed and motioned us to sit down which we did.
“I agreed to help my cousin as heir to the Bezariuas family, but I have to live here in order to help him.” She said softly.
“He looks like he’ll do fine on his own, so why does he need your h
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 6
Buttercup’s POV
I woke up to a glorious smell of food, so I dragged myself out of bed and walked to the living room to find that my sisters had ordered room service. They were sitting on the floor around the living room table in their pajamas.
“Morning guys” I said.
“Morning BC” they replied.
“Where’s my breakfast?” I asked.
“Right here.” Bubbles said while giving me a plate three chocolate chip pancakes and two pieces of bacon.
“Thanks.” I replied while sitting down next to Neko.
“So what do you guys want to do today?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Does anyone have an idea of what we should do?” Blossom asked.
“Well my cousin lives here in California.” Neko said.
“You have a cousin?!” I asked/yelled.
“Yes. I write her all the time.” Neko replied.
“What’s your cousin’s name?” Bubbles asked.
“Micheal Bezariuas.” Neko answ
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 2
Butch's POV
I was relaxing on the couch in the living room while playing Halo 4 with my cousin David when my bro Boomer came in.
"Hey! Let's go to the mall guys!" Boomer said. I groaned when he said that because he knows I hate the mall.
"Do we have to?" I complained. My brothers looked at me and shook their heads.
"You need to get of your lazy ass every once in a while, so get ready. We're leaving in 10 minutes." Brick stated. I looked at David, and he didn't like this idea just like I didn't. We both sighed and did as we were told.
"Come on. There will be hot girls there so cheer up!" David said trying to make me feel better. I just nodded and went to my room and got dressed.
When I was finished I went back to the living room to find my bros waiting on me.
"Alright let's get this over with." I said. Then we left our beach house to go the largest mall in California.
Now let me introduce myself and my brothers, my name is Butch Jojo, and I am the second oldest of me and my bros. I have
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 5
Bubbles’s POV
Today we are going to a beach party, and I’m super excited!
“It’s almost time to go. Let’s start getting ready.” Neko said.
“Do I have to go?” Buttercup whined.
“Yes because we are not going to leave you here. Plus you can go surfing with me.” Neko stated.
“Fine but I’m only going to go surfing.” Buttercup replied. We all nodded and went to change to our swimsuits.
We finished changing in 5 minutes. I was wearing a baby blue tankini with navy blue bubbles on it. Blossom was wearing a red bikini with pink polka-dots. Buttercup had a green bikini top with black trim and black short shorts with green trim. Lastly, Neko was wearing a purple bikini with black skulls all over it.
“Let’s go. Now that we all look amazing.” Neko said while calling a cab.
Boomer’s POV
“Come on Butch! We need to leave for the party!” David screamed at Butch who was still in his room. I g
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 4
Blossom's POV
I finally found the book store. I hope they have my favorite book on sell. After 5 minutes of looking, I found what I was looking for, but a guy grabbed the book before I could reach it. To make matters worse, it was the last copy they had!
"Hey! I was about to get that!" I whined.
"Sorry Bloss, but I really like this book." He said. Wait…only one person called me by that new.
"Brick!" I screamed. I thought that he and his brothers were gone, so what is he doing here!
"So you do remember me. I'm flattered." Brick mocked with his famous smirk across his face, and he knows that when he smirks it pisses me off. Now that I've had a good look at him, he defiantly has changed since we last meet because I don't remember him being this handsome.
"Brick, what do you want?" I asked because he annoys me every time he wants something.
"I just want to know what you're doing here." He replied.
"I'm on vacation. What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I live in Cal
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 3
Bubbles's POV
I wonder where Journey's (A/N: this is a real store and it's my favorite) is because this mall is huge. I've wandering around for 15 minutes looking for it and lost my sisters, but I'm not worried about that right now. I was lost in my thoughts when I accidentally ran into a boy.
"I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching were I was going." The boy apologized and offered his hand to help me up. When I looked at him, I blushed because he was absolutely handsome and had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.
"It's ok it's my fault." I said while blushing and took his hand to get off the ground. I dusted myself off and decided that I should introduce myself and thank him.
"Thank you. I'm Bubbles." I said.
"You're welcome and I'm Boomer." He replied. For some reason, his name sounded very familiar, and I don't know why. I'll think about that later right now I have to find that store.
"Do you think you can help me find Journey's?" I asked shyly. 'Why did I say that? He is going
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Super Powered Love: Chapter 1
Blossom’s POV
“HURRY UP BUBBLES OR WE’RE GOING TO MISS THE PLANE!” Buttercup screamed. I sighed.
“She’s coming. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”  Neko calmly explained.
“See, here she comes now.” I said trying to calm my hotheaded sister down.
“Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s get this trip started!” Bubbles said excitedly. Then we left to get on the plane for California.
OH MY, I forgot to introduce everyone forgive me. As you know, my name is Blossom Utonium, and I am the oldest and smartest of my sisters. I have long auburn colored hair that stops below my butt that I keep it in a high ponytail with a little pink satin ribbon and cotton candy pink colored eyes. I usually wear a short sleeved white button-up shirt with a pink vest and short black skirt with pink ballet flats, but for fun, I wear a pink short sleeved v-neck shirt that has “Angel” written in white letters with a white shor
:iconnekodestiny-chan:NekoDestiny-chan 2 2

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Lack of Attention [Sollux x Reader]
You crossed your arms and glared at the male who's back was facing you, he typed away on his computer, and all you wanted to do was for him to pay attention to you, especially now that you two were alone. Who could blame you? You two had been Matesprits for two months, you declaring your feelings one day at a party Meulin had organized because apparently Nepeta and her thought that it was time for their ships to come true, that day many people declared their feelings towards each other. Surprisingly even Karkat, who seemed to have a crush on Nepeta. You where kinda scared when you were told to say who was your crush, for all you knew Sollux couldn't had returned your feelings, you knew he and Aradia were pretty close, and maybe they both were crushing on each other. So it was a big shock when he said he was flushed for you. But that's not the point here.
You guys we staying at your family's vacation house, it was pretty big so everyone, and I mean everyone, had come along. To be honest
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Post-scratch Dave Strider by Timeless-Knight Post-scratch Dave Strider :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 726 99 Dave n Sollux by Timeless-Knight Dave n Sollux :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 1,069 178 dave by Life-Writer dave :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 1,351 31 Dave Strider by cherriecoke Dave Strider :iconcherriecoke:cherriecoke 2,079 38 Dave by PointlessMu Dave :iconpointlessmu:PointlessMu 531 75 Dave Strider by Timeless-Knight Dave Strider :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 933 43 Merry Christmas ^__^ by Naschi Merry Christmas ^__^ :iconnaschi:Naschi 4,893 355 Rolling Boy [Kentin] by sakura-streetfighter Rolling Boy [Kentin] :iconsakura-streetfighter:sakura-streetfighter 499 50
NorwayxReader -Part 2-
  Both you and Norway quickly realized why he fell asleep after calling his 'family' and didn't wake up until later that night. Gently taking the warm washcloth off his forehead, you dipped it into the cool water beside you,"I told you that you shouldn't have gone home. That's a nasty bug you caught."
  Norway looked over at you gently with his dark blue eyes, a bit of worry held in them. He hadn't gotten sick often and feeling so terrible made him feel very scared. His body was shaking and really weak while his temperate began to rise.
  Placing the now cold cloth on his forehead, you gripped onto his hand gently,"You don't have to worry Nor..." You were able to see the worry that filled in his eyes,"Just relax. are you glad you listened to me before?"
  He nodded before shutting his eyes and trying to sleep. But it was obvious that he couldn't. Sitting beside him on the bed, you rubbed his shoulder with tenderness and care,"Do you maybe want me to call I
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 257 79
  The Danish man in front of Norway laughed obnoxiously, obviously intoxicated as usual,"Norge! D-do you hear yourself!?" He leaned back in his chair,"Love is an emotion I do not require." He mimicked before cracking up once more,"Forever alone Norge!"
  Norway sat there with the same monotonic expression which he always seemed to have, but hid the boiling anger and even the sadness he felt from that statement beneath.
  Having enough of the damn drunk for one night, he turned away from every Nordic that sat at the table,"Where you goin' you loner?" Denmark cried out a bit to Norway.
  Norway ignored this statement and made his way to the door. He looked back at a table full of confused eyes, even Sweden seemed a bit baffled. With that, Norway bursted out the doors in a sprint outside into the 10 below weather in only his navy blue uniform.
  This obviously was not the best idea. The weather at night was pretty terrible and he could easily die of hypothermia
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 402 156
So I heard you liek Blizzards by unconventionalsenshi So I heard you liek Blizzards :iconunconventionalsenshi:unconventionalsenshi 3,292 340 jelsa by LizzieT jelsa :iconlizziet:LizzieT 2,170 110 Jack frost and Elsa snow queen OTP by TheWinterHope Jack frost and Elsa snow queen OTP :iconthewinterhope:TheWinterHope 406 29 Jack and Elsa by Tewateroniakwa Jack and Elsa :icontewateroniakwa:Tewateroniakwa 540 22


:iconamateur-writing: :icondarkstar-team: :iconppgs-rrbs-love:


I know haven't written a journal entry or posted lately and I'm sorry. I know that I always say that I've been busy but it's true! I've had school, band, and work at home. I will try to update regularly, but it might not be as fast as when I first started.
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